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Crush the course! Buy a Spartan Nutrition product, get a Spartan Race discount code* PLUS three free 12-week Spartan workout programs, with 3- and 7-day training schedules.

* Official Partner of the Spartan Race
* Up to $145 in potential savings

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Get a Spartan Race discount code*

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How It Works

When you purchase one of our popular Spartan Race Race Prep Kits, you will receive links to 12-week planned workout programs to prepare you for Sprint, Super and Beast races. 

You will also receive an exclusive coupon code. This code unlocks static pricing that can save you up to $145 on upcoming Spartan Races.

This exclusive ticket pricing is available on any of the open races. It will allow you to buy a race ticket for the following prices:

Sprint - $89 | Super - $99 | Beast - $109 | Ultra - $119

Step 1

Buy a Spartan Nutrition product bundled with the Race Prep Kit.

Step 2

Receive an email with your exclusive discount code and links to download three FREE Spartan 12-week workout programs. Your Spartan Nutrition order will ship soon.

Step 3

Sign up for your race and use your discount code on Use the corresponding 12-week workout program to prepare for the race. 

About Spartan Nutrition

The Spartan Nutrition extreme wellness supplement line was created by Joe De Sena, the founder of the Spartan Race. All Spartan Nutrition products carry both Informed Ingredient and Informed Sport certifications. Each product uses clinically researched ingredients to help warriors be ready for anything.

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Spartan Energy

Empowers athletes with energy and an unbreakable competitive edge.

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Spartan Hydrate

Everything you need to stay hydrated. Nothing you don’t.

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Spartan Focus

Sharpens mental preparation and performance to help warriors stay in the zone.*

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Spartan Immune

Arms warriors with scientifically validated immune-supporting ingredients.*

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